How to use Barbour ABI in 2021

Is using Barbour ABI as simple as it used to be? What does it take to get through to specifiers? Leigh Simpson explains how to stand out in an onslaught of transactional communications. Watch the video or browse the summary below.

How to use Barbour ABI in 2021


One challenge for any user of Barbour ABI in 2021 is that the information in the database is available to all the other subscribers. Thousands of people are using the data. So if you're an architect listed on a project then they're going to get a lot of phone calls. And emails. And unrequested product samples sent to your doorstep. We can think that selling to prospects is as easy as picking up the phone. Unfortunately, that's not the way the world works. And deep down we know that.  

You need to cut through the noise, you've got to be different from all the other people reaching out to the specifier.

What if instead of trying to sell your product you dropped some helpful advice in their inbox? You know what type of project they're working on, why not supply them with the latest regs, or information about fire ratings or insulation, highlight the benefits of having this information. This will position you well as a trusted advisor, and get them on your website where they can explore further.  If you’ve got the right person, working on the right project at the time right (which you know Barbour ABI is giving you all 3), then all you've got to do is present them with the right sort of information. If you’re producing insulation and you just wave a flag at a specifier and say to them, “Hey, we're this insulation manufacturer, we're great. Come look at our website. Can I have a meeting?” Then their blood is going to run cold; you’re wasting their time.   But if you're saying to them to come and look at the latest regulations on thermal efficiency, u-values or other technical information associated with this type of project, then there’s a higher probability that they're going to say, “well actually, I’d like to know what the latest regulations are”. They will come on your website, read your blog post, and maybe even download some other related content. From there, your leads will begin to associate you as a trusted advisor and an expert in your field. Once you’ve convinced them of that, they are more likely to consider using your business on that particular project and future projects.   For more tips on how to use Barbour ABI, why not sign up for our monthly newsletter?    



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