When you have a solution, aren’t you eager to share it?

This is how Pepe was born. He is the solution to a problem many companies have struggled with over the years: the untapped potential of Barbour ABI. Many businesses struggle to find good fit leads despite having this incredible resource. The missing piece is a consistent way to nurture the relevant contacts. Something a building product company can set and forget, that alerts them when interest is at its peak.

We are always a bit skeptical of new marketing technology. Much of it is gimmicky and impersonal. But as the problem crystalized the solution became clear: an automated tool developed specifically to help construction companies use Barbour ABI to find engaged leads.


We’re working towards a day when painstaking prospecting is in the rear view mirror. When sales teams can talk to people who want to talk to them.

When architects and specifiers are calling building product businesses more than the other way around because they already know how valuable your solutions are.

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