If I have Barbour ABI, why do I need Project Prospecta?

Barbour ABI is an extremely information rich source of leads. In fact, their database contains so much information your average human has a hard time making use of all of it. But with a seamless integration of artificial intelligence and email automation, we can make the most of all that great information. The result for you is a short list of hot Barbour ABI leads delivered right to your sales team on a regular basis.

How effective is “soft outreach” with email marketing?

Email is the most direct way to reach marketing leads, especially in the construction industry. A survey done by Adobe’s Bizible showed that 30% of Construction Marketers said email marketing was their highest driver of ROI.

After a prospect has been sent relevant material and engaged with the content, sales people have a much higher rate of conversion.

What if I don’t have great marketing content to include in the emails?

We include your marketing content in our automated emails. What counts as marketing content? It might be a broader category than you think. Think about what kind of content would be helpful for your prospects. Along with blogs, case studies, and eBooks, do you have pricing pages? Technical files? BIM objects? If you need help producing content we can help you with that too.

What does it mean to have “more than one probot”?

Great question. Each ProBot runs it’s own email marketing automation. Each automation targets a specific product to a specific job role holder (architect, contractor, mechanical engineer etc.) If you have more than one product and more than one job role you’d like to target, you can easily purchase an additional ProBot to do that.

How much does it cost?

The Lite package starts at £250 per month. Visit this page for all the details. Additional ProBots are available for £95. ProBots allow you to target additional categories in Barbour ABI.

How long does it take to set up?

After a 1 hour meeting where we go through your marketing assets that we will include in our emails give us a week to get set up. If all emails are approved we can go live in the next 5 business days.

What is a ProBot?

It’s a custom built little piece of tech that identifies Barbour ABI contacts according to criteria you set, then sends them emails our copywriters write, at regular intervals that mimic the schedule of a real person, and keeps track of their repsonse and engagement.

How do I use a ProBot?

They essentially run themselves. Send some good vibrations their way, but other than that they are self-sufficient. Of course, generating better and better content helps them to do their jobs more effectively. They leverage your marketing materials to their maximum potential, but they can’t write it for you. You’ve reached the end of AI capabilities there. We do have people who can do that for you though.

What If I Don’t Have Barbour ABI?

Project Prospecta integrates with your Barbour ABI account, so yes you will need one. But Barbour ABI are the market leader in construction intelligence and the largest UK based research team in our industry so even without Project Prospecta it’s a great investment. And with it, it’s unstoppable.

What about deliverability?

24.7% of leads that come into Project Prospecta open an email at some point. That’s not the same thing as deliverability, but it’s indicative. Also, our average sender score is approx. 97.5/100 (well above the spam label threshold of 70).

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