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"Recently launched a campaign and found Jack and the team to be really helpful throughout and pleased with initial results - would highly recommend!"

Rob Munns
Head of Sales


BFT Mastclimbing was deciding between Barbour ABI and Glenigan. When we mentioned what we could do with marketing automation Rob "dropped his pen". It was exactly what he was looking for. 

The challenge:

In the access business, scaffolding is the incumbent, and mast climbers fight an uphill battle to even be considered. BFT Mastclimbing had to overcome decades of auto-pilot decision-making reflexes and unfounded objections. To make things more difficult, their audience was a small number of main contractors working on large buildings. 

The approach:

We suggested implementing a Project Prospecta campaign to raise awareness of mast climbers and respond to common objections. 

The result:

We launched a campaign to 142 contacts, identified 24 engaged leads, 8 meetings were booked, and 3 opportunities were added to the pipeline. Leads and inquiries continue to come through steadily. 



Renray Healthcare

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"A great service, my company is seeing leads come through from interested prospects. The emails are engaging and made me think a lot more about the language used for these type of emails. Much praise to Jack and Henry. As a marketing person we can be stretched a bit too thin sometimes and this smart automation is saving me time plus providing results for me at a reasonable price. Highly recommend!"

Claire Shergold
Product Manager


Renray Healthcare sells to architects and designers working on buildings for vulnerable people. Her team was busy launching new products and maintaining the business. They didn't have time to spend calling a long list of leads. 

The challenge:

We needed to identify who was interested in Renray's products, in order to send Renray a shortlist of qualified leads. 

The trouble is that people are bombarded with generic sales emails until they're coming out of their ears. And no one wants to add one more to the stack. We decided to dry a different tactic. We differentiated Renray by showing how helpful they were, as opposed to writing "we're helpful" in an email. 

The approach:

We created a campaign to raise awareness of how furniture affects our well-being. This was during Covid lockdown when people were spending most of their time in a chair. We spotlighted a seating guide they had created, to help their audience identify their healthy or unhealthy sitting habits. This naturally led to interest in Renrays specialised furniture. 

The result:

Inquiries started coming in within days of going live from interested prospects, which is what Renray was hoping for. 



Discrete Heat




"Professional, Innovative and very hard working. I would recommend Project Prospecta to any company looking to improve their reach. Thanks guys, we look forward to our continuing work!"

Ethan Wadsworth
Director of Sales and Marketing

The challenge:

When we first met the folks at Discrete Heat Ltd. they weren't happy with the results from their usage of the Barbour ABI data.

The approach:

We suggested implementing a Project Prospecta campaign that would highlight a few key parts of their website, including videos they had recently published. They went ahead with this, but we still didn't get the level of results they wanted. So we came up with a new tactic. We leveraged Project Prospecta to book meetings, via their digital calendar, for a new service they were providing. 

The result:

With this goal in mind, and a new campaign fully juiced up and rolled out, they saw 8 meetings booked in the first week. They are now seeing an average of 2 meetings booked a week from the campaign. 




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