How To Lead Score Your Barbour ABI Prospects

From your list of Barbour ABI prospects, how are you supposed to know which contacts are simmering with sales anticipation and which contacts remain colder than a pack of frozen veg?

After sending out swathes of email marketing content, it can be difficult to answer this question, but there is one simple solution – lead scoring.

In this blog, we discuss what lead scoring is and how you can apply it to your collated list of Barbour ABI prospects.

What Is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring involves rating your leads depending on certain actions they have taken. Depending on what the steps are, determines the total score they are given, allowing you to score and rank your prospects accordingly.

When it comes to reaching out to your list of Barbour ABI contacts you might assign a value depending on whether the prospect has clicked a link in an email (let’s call it 1 point), downloaded a free eBook (2 points) or signed up to a webinar and attended (5 points). In assigning these points, you can begin to see how hot the prospects really are.

It’s important to note that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to lead scoring. What works for one construction product/services company might need to be entirely different for another.

The main thing is having a plan of action in place. Only you truly know what you need from your prospects to be able to lead score them, and it is these actions that determine when you reach out.Free Project Prospecta consultation

The Ideal Barbour ABI Lead

Finding the right lead from your list of Barbour ABI contacts is something of a middle ground between quantity and quality.

After setting your Barbour ABI marketing objectives and filtering your Barbour ABI list to those contacts who you’d like to directly target, you then want to start the lead scoring process.

Using the above scoring, let’s talk you through the process.

You’re looking at targeting construction project managers in the West Midlands working exclusively on residential properties. You want to target them with your unique home fire alarm system and have determined that when they have downloaded your latest eBook, they need to be contacted by a member of your sales team.

This is because you have given an eBook download the score of 5 and anything over 5 is a potential hot prospect.

Because you’ve set clear marketing objectives, filtered your Barbour ABI contacts accordingly and have a clearly defined and achievable lead scoring method, you have quality leads coming from your marketing methods.

If you hadn’t done the hard work in narrowing down your desired contacts or determined a score, you could be left with a huge number of prospects that are not relevant to your requirements

It’s all well and good having over 100 leads, but if they’re all in Newcastle when you want to target the West Midlands, it’s a wasted opportunity.

Combining who you are targeting and getting your lead scoring right, is the only method that will reward you with the key Barbour ABI contacts to reach.


How To Reach Out To Lead Scored Barbour ABI Prospects?

With your prospect’s scored, what happens next?

The obvious answer is reaching out; there’s no excuse not to. After all, if they fit all of your criteria and are hitting your lead score with the right numbers, now’s the time to reel them in.

Time is of the essence too, a HubSpot study found that there was a 400% increase of qualifying leads when they were contacted within 10 minutes. The longer the leads were left waiting, the more likely they were to lose interest.

But the question is what is the best way to reach out? We’ve written extensively about the pros and cons of both email and phone calls when reaching out to prospective leads which should paint a clearer picture of the varying approaches.

The reality is though, there’s no right or wrong answer. If you’ve selected your Barbour ABI contacts correctly and your lead scoring is also bang-on, then whichever way you reach out, your prospects should easily become leads.



As we’ve discussed, there are no set guidelines for lead scoring and you must do what is best for your construction product/service business.

As long as you lead score your Barbour ABI prospects to suit your needs, it’s a guaranteed way to get in front of potential customers.

This isn’t something you have to do alone either. At Project Prospecta, we work closely with you and help you determine the best possible methods of lead scoring and keep track of all the data.

That way, when prospects reach the criteria, you are instantly aware and can activate your sales team to follow up.

Only with this lead scoring technique and automated efficiency can you truly take advantage of your Barbour ABI leads.Free Project Prospecta consultation

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