Project Prospecta Origin Story (Video)

This week I interviewed Leigh Simpson, the founder of Project Prospecta. I wanted to know where the idea came from.

It became clear that this new lead generation tool was born out of his personal experience and a question. A question he thinks other Barbour ABI may be asking. “How do you optimize the way Barbour ABI leads are handled within an organization?”


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Here’s what I found out.

1. Barbour ABI is great at what they do

Barbour has been providing invaluable details about construction projects for years, and Leigh has been using them for decades.


2. It contains invaluable information

42,000 jobs are added or updated every week. This information is useful to sales teams, but with such a large amount of it, the challenge is figuring out where to start.


3. Great minds think divergently

The idea for Project Prospecta came about as Leigh chatted with Simon Rhodes of Barbour ABI over dinner. Rather than rehashing the same solutions to optimize the data for use, they started to consider new ways to do this.


4. The goal is to help businesses generate leads

At the end of the day, businesses subscribe to Barbour ABI to help them generate leads. The information itself won’t generate leads, it needs to be utilized. Project Prospecta was the next step, that would help businesses make the best use of the information.


5. It’s a cyborg solution

Automation is used to automate the tasks that take up time. But human’s are used to do the marketing parts that can’t be. So it’s more of a cyborg than anything.

Project Prospecta includes: automation, lead scoring, and website tracking, but combines that with creativity and human feeling. This, according to the experts, is the winning combo for sales and marketing tech.


This was a great time with Leigh, discussing the Project Prospecta. If you have a few minutes, watch the video!

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