How Marketing Automation Can Help Your Sales Team

August 3, 2021
Does your sales team have time to find new business? If your team is like the ones I speak to, they’re busy. And finding new business takes work. Research indicates that it takes 100 phone calls to find 1-3 leads. That’s a lot of phone calls when...
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The Future of Marketing Automation

April 23, 2021
At Project Prospecta our mission revolves around helping construction businesses who struggle to find good fit leads and have a consistent way to nurture relevant contacts. Our solution is something a building product company can set and...
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What Is Marketing Automation & Do I Need It?

February 15, 2021
Many tasks that used to require hours of manpower are now being automated. From car manufacturing to hospitality services, automation reduces the time and costs associated with human labour by streamlining the process.
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3 Steps to Save Time and Money With Marketing Automation

December 14, 2020
Marketing automation is all about automating your marketing activities, in order to save you time and money! This means you have time that you can use on other tasks and money you can invest back into your business.
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