The Future of Marketing Automation

At Project Prospecta our mission revolves around helping construction businesses who struggle to find good fit leads and have a consistent way to nurture relevant contacts. Our solution is something a building product company can set and forget, that alerts you when interest is at its peak. 

The Project Prospecta technology was born out of the insights that the marketing automation industry has driven forward extensively in the past 5 years or so. 

But what about the future of marketing automation and other automated software? How will it be improving as marketing practices develop, and how will this assist construction businesses like yours? 

Predictive Analytics 

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage at the minute – and has been for the past couple of years. The cutting-edge technology is mind-boggling but is so hard to implement and integrate into current products and services. 

For marketing technology, AI proposes a future of machine learning and business tech that is sophisticated and self-regulating. 

Predicted product offerings for the future of marketing automation focus on the ideas of predictive analytics. In simple terms, the analytics will no longer be based on what’s already happened, but what could happen. 

The technology aims to improve the customer journey by predicting how customers will behave before they ever even click a button. 

Using data mining, the tools would be able to understand your customer better than they even know themselves, incorporating psychology and behavioural economics into the marketing communications they are served. 

With the huge amount of data available from digital marketing, the future of marketing automation will be one that measures the information in real-time and optimises itself. Marketing automation will soon merge into an almost automated self-improvement marketing platform. 



Chatbots are already a common element to many marketing automation platforms, a place where website visitors can talk to a robot and get answers to standardised questions such as opening times and pricing info. 

Chatbots are really just another form of AI; the tool uses language processing algorithms to process and understand your customer’s queries, similar to Siri or Amazon Alexa. 

The future of marketing automation is thought to include more and more of this tool being integrated into businesses’ websites due to the massive ROI they provide. They can be customised to your business needs from a Q&A messaging service to a product recommender or datasheet provider. 

They provide the content your customer needs just when they want it, acting as a 24/7 customer service rep for your company. 

Customer Lifecycle Marketing 

The concept of customer lifecycle marketing is that engaging with your customers shouldn’t stop at the sale. Marketing activities should continue throughout the lifecycle of the customer relationship with an aim to transform them into brand promoters. 

This process works towards generating your business a sales funnel that is constantly replenishing with referred customers from its loyal base. 

Although marketing automation already has many tools that can help in this effort, such as automating messaging over set time frames, in the future, platforms are predicted to be able to anticipate what customers will want from their interactions and deliver it before ever being asked. 



At the minute, there is a strategic trend of interest in technology that enhances the work people do in marketing. It is already known that around 75% of marketing leaders have implemented some sort of marketing automation into their company. 

With the advancement of marketing automation platforms and software, in the future, we will see a much higher general use of this incredible technology. 

Going further, the future seems to hold growth in the usage of AI and machine learning technology. The best platforms providing these tools will be the ones that incorporate them into an easy to understand (and use) tool. 

Companies that fail to implement marketing automation will unquestionably struggle to keep up with the competition. Automation handles what no one else has time for, it’s like getting an extra employee without needing an extra desk! 

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