3 Steps to Save Time and Money With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is all about automating your marketing activities, in order to save you time and money! This means you have time that you can use on other tasks and money you can invest back into your business.

Marketing automation is an incredible technology and, when combined with a great strategy and marketing intelligence such as Barbour ABI or Glenigan, can make your marketing more productive, effective, and easier to execute.

The automation tools available today allow you to automate various marketing tasks from email marketing to lead nurturing and customer service. It also provides metrics to monitor effectiveness and track the performance of your campaigns.

If you are struggling with

  • Engaging specifiers and contractors online,
  • Knowing which leads to prioritise and nurture,
  • Stressed about the time you need to do it all

…then marketing automation provides a solution.

Here are 3 ways marketing automation saves you time and money.


Marketing automation can simplify and automate your lead nurturing process. It does this by carrying out set marketing activities, such as sending follow-up emails for you. Once you set it you can forget it. It will consistently follow up on those warm leads, preparing them for sales outreach.

It is suggested that the majority of sales require 5 or more follow-ups, but most of the time this never happens because sales teams either forget or are already too jammed with tasks.

Properly thought-through and implemented automated follow-up emails can be set to send at intervals that correlate with your building product business’ product life-cycle.

Structuring your follow up in a way that anticipates and answers key questions about your products gives your customers peace of mind and builds trust.

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Using a marketing automation system, you can set up smart triggers that will update a lead’s lifecycle depending on how they interact with your website or marketing content. For example, if they download a datasheet, they could be given a “technical content” tag.

This tag could trigger a workflow that runs automatically and provides them with further technical content. For every email, they open, or link they click, points could be added to their lead score.

This not only nurtures your leads for you but also helps you prioritise which prospects could use a personal reach out if they are approaching an exciting stage of the buyer’s journey. That’s why you must be tracking your prospects and their activity!

By highlighting your most engaged leads, you save time by not wasting it on bad-fit prospects that aren’t ready to talk, never mind buy.


In the next 2 years, it is thought that 85% of customer relationships with businesses will be managed without any humans being involved in the process?

Having automated marketing campaigns running in the background helps you build and maintain customer relationships on your behalf.

This can generate greater customer trust and satisfaction in your business with your current customer base but may also give you the opportunity to be referred to new customers. Staying top of mind gives you the edge when it comes to word of mouth referrals.

Customer retention is just as important as finding new business. Therefore marketing automation can also help you grow by keeping your current customer’s trust and satisfaction high.


Implementing marketing automation in your building product business has many benefits. We cannot stress it enough. It saves you time and money, provides exceptional ROI, and helps you get, and stay, organised.

Although it is an investment, the benefits of developing your business strategically with marketing automation software, provides you with a system that saves you money over the long term. It also frees up your team for more meaningful work.

Project Prospecta, for example, allows you to revolutionise the way you use Barbour ABI and helps you tap into the huge opportunities their data represents. The platform uses marketing automation to target construction projects ideal for your business from the Barbour database.

It then uses automation to reach out to these prospects through a series of personalised emails to introduce your product or service to these good-fit leads and start building your relationship with them. It is the definition of an effective lead nurturing automation tool.

So, that’s 3 ways marketing automation can save you time and money. Want to explore further? Book a demo with Jack from Project Prospecta.

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