How to Sell to Architects: 5 Content Offers

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In two previous articles on how to sell to architects, we’ve introduced the idea of building a website designed for architects which they can find when they’re searching Google. We’ve also touched on how to write effective emails. Now we’re going to bring those two things together. 

We’re going to look at 5 types of content that make for good offers in your emails so that prospects are more likely to take the next step.

It’s a big commitment to ask someone to book a meeting. It’s a smaller one to ask them to “watch this video”.

If this step gets them onto your website and having a look around, then that’s a success! (Especially if it’s paired up with some lead tracking technology to let you know of their visit). You’ve got them to buy into your expertise. Expertise builds trust. And it’s a short step from there to placing an order.

Below are five content ideas that relate to different stages of awareness, consideration, and decision of your product. If you make one of each, then you’d have something for everyone, at a stage of awareness of your product.

So let’s jump into it.

Here are 5 types of content to strengthen your content offers in your emails.

#1 Blogs 

The idea here is to anticipate an architect’s questions about your product, and answer them pre-emptively. If you do this right, then your blog can do the same job you do, but instead of helping one architect at a time, 100’s could read it at once.  

What questions are architects asking about your product? You probably can list a few off the top of your head. Another way to find out is to google your product. When Google suggests words at the end of a search, that indicates that that particular phrase is searched often. If some of those suggested searches are questions, then that would be a good place to start.  

Here are a few examples of blog titles: 


  • Can you use engineered hardwood in kitchens?  
  • How hydrogen can help you achieve 2025’s clean energy goals
  • Checklist for safely working at height 

 Once you’ve proven your worth and knowledge they’ll turn to you when they’re ready to buy, because they know you have the solutions they need.  

#2 Videos 

Video is more engaging than text.  

It is particularly helpful if you’re trying to break down a complicated subject, teach something new, or show how to install a product.  

If your product is new, then junior architects searching for new materials are going to need to be able to show senior architects that it’s easily integrated with the rest of the project. They have to prove that it’s easy to install. A video that shows how to install is important.   

Also, if your product is tough, then a video is a great way to demonstrate this.  

Or if your product is visually appealing (you don’t work in groundworks or insulation) then a video is a great way to highlight the aesthetic quality.  

Types of videos: product demos, how to’s, and “how it’s made” videos.  

#3 Digital CPD’s 

Architects are often required to collect a certain amount of CPD points every year. Chartered members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) are obliged to undertake thirty-five hours of CPD a year. This equates to around 45 minutes per week.  

This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge, teach them about your expertise and showcase your products and services. 

You can directly answer the questions and concerns that architects might have about your product and get them to see how it works for themselves, but make sure the primary purpose is educational. 


#4 Case Studies or Review 

Architects want to know that you’ve done a good job in the past. Client success stories, positive reviews, and examples of challenges you’ve overcome will help. 

Case studies are a great way to do this. Don’t tell them how great your product is, show them how your product was a success. 

Let them draw their own conclusions by using real people and real examples.  

These can be written or video reviews, a Q&A between you and a customer or a case study with technical information on the project and a narrative that describes the process from start to finish 

#5 3D modelling files, specification sheets, or pricing guides 

3D modelling makes an architect’s life a whole lot easier. These are things like BIM or CAD files. 

Specification sheets would be important as they seriously consider your product.  

Pricing guides. Many people don’t like to include pricing on their website, but what’s the question you get asked the most? “How much does it cost?” If you can provide a guide then you can qualify that this as an approximate figure. 


If you want to strengthen your outreach on social media, email, and website to sell to architects the best thing you can do is to strengthen your content offer. With a strong content offer, you don’t have to ask your prospect to go all the way to booking a meeting. You can just offer up the content you think would help them take the next step in their buyer’s journey. If you create one of the above types of content, you’ll have something for everyone, at every stage of considering your solutions. From completely unaware to just about to place an order. 

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