How to Follow Up with Project Prospecta Leads


Say you’ve had Barbour ABI leads qualify through your Project Prospecta campaign.

At this point, a lead notification is sent straight to your email inbox with the job details and the contact information of this contact.

What do you then? How do you follow up on those leads?

Watch the video or below, or keep reading for a helpful game plan.



A lot of opportunities are lost because we don’t have an action plan for these leads. They just sit there, and new business is lost.

But what if you had a go-to follow-up strategy?

There are many good approaches for follow-up, but I’ll recommend one simple, effective, and quick follow-up strategy.

How do you get in touch with Barbour ABI leads?

You could send them a message on LinkedIn, or a more personal email, but we highly recommend giving them a call.

They’ve already shown interest. They’ve already achieved a qualifying lead score. So now is the time to connect with them personally.

Not a LinkedIn post, or personal email, but a connect call.

This is a call just to make initial contact. Not to try to sell them the whole kit.

A simple phone call to start the conversation with your Barbour ABI leads.

When do you call?

Does it matter when you reach out to these Barbour ABI leads?

Actually, it does.

It would be nice if we could ignore the lead for a few days until we have a bit more time, but this just isn’t the case.

The lead will be cold in hours, not days.

The best time to call is within 5 minutes of a trigger event like visiting your website, clicking a link, or downloading a piece of content.

According to Hubspot, A Lead Management Study saw a 400% increase in odds of qualifying leads when reps got in touch within 10 minutes or less to follow up. But success diminished the longer they waited. The best time to call new leads was within five minutes of their first trigger event.

The faster you call them, the better response.

This is because you can catch them while they’re still in the same headspace. They have a need. They’re considering your solutions. That’s the perfect time to give them a call.


What do you say to Barbour ABI leads?

You want to start a conversation, but what do you know about the prospect?

They’ve engaged with some of your content, but you don’t know why.

So ask them: ”were you just looking for more information, or are you looking for a solution?”

This gives them the option of a low commitment answer and a more committed one.

If they say they just want more information, this opens the door for you to give them advice. As you do, you and your company will start to be seen as a helpful guide or advisor. This trust will pay off in the long run. If they’re not looking for a solution now, but will in the future, add them to your CRM as a long-grass contact for further nurturing.

If they were actually looking for a solution then you can explore their challenges to see if your product or service is a good fit.

Here’s an example.

My phone call today

I just did this.

A lead notification came into my inbox.

Someone had been on the website. He had downloaded an eBook.

I asked if he was just looking for more information or if he was looking for a specific solution.

He was looking for a solution.

I had a 15-minute call with him. Now he’s talking to his team about the solution I suggested. We’re going to talk next week about moving forward.

How to follow-up Barbour ABI leads

This simple recipe for lead follow-up works well.

What doesn’t work is just letting Barbour ABI leads sit there, or not following them up quickly.

Opportunities are lost when we don’t have a good action plan in place.

All it takes is a quick-connect call to determine whether they’re looking for a solution like yours.

And you’ll be able to quickly identify the good opportunities and pick up more work, and get on more jobs if you’re responsive to the leads that come into your inbox with a quickly actioned workflow like the one above.

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